5 Ways to Deliver a Kick-Ass Keynote Presentation

  • Recently, a large company hired Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers to be a keynote presenter at a big company meeting in 2014. With that in mind, and now that I’m officially a professional speaker,  I thought it might be helpful if I share five tips to help you become a better keynote speaker.

    (We just agreed on the speaking plan this morning. Meetings to get ready to deliver a kick-ass talk.)


    Dan Pink, best-selliing author and guest on Marketing Made Simple TV

    After all, there’s nothing I love more than getting up in front of men and women and entertaining them. That is exactly the kind of challenge I relish.

    Here are five way to help you to deliver an awesome keynote presentation in the next chance you get

    1. Know your audience
      It’s important that you spend some time with your sponsor to learn as much as you can. The more research you do, the more you can customize your presentation to your audience, making it even more effective and making you a great keynote speaker.
    2. Move
      There is nothing I hate more than to watch a speaker present from a podium. MOVE! Walk around and engage the audience. Don’t hide behind a podium. That is not what good keynote speakers do.
    3. Bullets are for killing things – not presentations
      Want to bore an audience? Create mind-numbing PowerPoints filled with bullet points. Bullets are for killing things, In my mind, more than five words on a slide is too many. Use pictures to tell you story in your keynote presentation. Want to show a 43% increase? Tip an arrow up by 43 degrees.
    4. Make fun of yourself
      Want your audience to love you? Then make yourself lovable and don’t take yourself too seriously.  People love people willing to make fun of themselves, so use self-deprecating humor in your keynote speech too.
    5. Make eye contact
      Public speaking is one of the top fears that people have. In fact, there’s even a clinical name for fear of public speaking – Glossophobia. But great keynote presenters know how to overcome their glossophia and look the audience squarely in the eyes to earn their trust.

    How do great speakers like Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy deliver such inspiring speeches? Nancy Duarte knows, and shares their inside secrets in “Secrets of the Great Communicators” on Marketing Made Simple TV.

    Dancy Duarte

    Nancy Duarte

    What do you think of these keynote speaking tips? Did I miss anything or would you like to add a comment?

    If your company needs a terrific keynote speaker, please email me at host at marketingmadesimple.tv. I also want to thank the team for Jeffrey Hayzlett, for the invaluable support and advice in winning this.

    In addition to being a professional speaker, I’m also the Founder and President of Find New Customers, which offers great B2B lead generation services to companies looking to improve the flow of sales leads.


    • nancy fox

      All good, Jeff. Additionally,
      number one on my list to “connect and bond” with the audience?…. tell jokes? big NO! unless you’re Letterman or Leno.
      …Tell great stories that relate to your presentation – not long ones – short ones – with a moving or entertaining message. This might even be a perfect place to incorporate your point 4 – make fun of yourself.
      Tell great stories..pretty much a guaranteed winning formula.

      • http://jeffogden.net/ Jeff Ogden

        Thanks for the comment, Nancy. I agree not to tell jokes, unless you are an accomplished comedian. However, a bit of self-deprecating humor does not hurt. And tell stories is a great idea too.

        One of my key plans is to learn as much as I can about my audience, so I can put them into my stories.