The Board of Advisors and Team Behind Marketing Made Simple TV

  • One of the key reasons we are able to produce such as high quality show each week while also signing up great sponsors is due to the superb team behind the show.

    Thanks especially to the new Board of Advisors for Marketing Made Simple TV:

    1. Arthur Germain, Communication Strategy Group
    2. Margaret Molloy, Chief Marketing Officer, Siegel-Gate
    3. Sandra Zoratti, co-author of Precision Marketing
    4. Jennifer Fleming, TallGrass PR

    Having a world-class team of experts guiding the show clearly takes us to a new level. We are excited to welcome these men and women.

    We wish the very best to Greg Ott, who has moved from Demandbase to Intuit to manage the QuickBooks product. Congratulations, Greg!

    Let me introduce you to the team behind the show:

    1. Craig Yaris – Producer and Show Director
      Craig is a strong supporter of the show and works tirelessly to deliver continuous improvement. He also directs most of our shows. He’s also the owner of SocialRibbit.
    2. Arthur Germain, Agency of Record
      A show like Marketing Made Simple TV needs promotion. So we are thrilled that the man behind “Brand-Telling” is helping us grow the show. His firm, Communication Strategy Group, is also a sponsor of the show.
    3. Watchitoo, Platform for the Show
      One of the things that makes the show great is the fact that it is an online TV show. This tool provided by the show sponsor makes this possible. TV shows feature camera changes (from host to guest), B-Roll content (information behind the speaker) and an off-screen “green room.”  Watchitoo offers all of those, unlike Skype, Google Hangouts or anything else we have found.  This tool also requires very little editing. Update: Watchitoo has major new release Streaming Pro, coming out at the start of November 2013.
    4. Jeff Ogden, Creator and Host
      Jeff, in effect, gave birth to the show and is its father.  He makes the show go, books all the guests and does all the interviews. Learn more at his Executive Portfolio.