Meet Dr. Woody – TV Personality and Executive Coach – and a guest on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Meet Dr. Michael “Woody” Woodward

    Celebrity CMO and Cowboy Jeffrey Hayzlett is a good friend of Marketing Made Simple TV. So when TV personality Dr. Woody spoke to him, he reached out to me and said.

    “I checked out your show with Jeffrey Hayzlett. Looked great. How can I get on your show?’Dr. Woody

    His show will premier in early April.

    A friend of Jeffrey is a friend of mine. And Dr. Woody is on TV a lot too:

    Dr. Woody in the Media

    Dr. Woody has appeared nationally on The TODAY Show, Live! with Regis and Kelly, Fox & Friends, Fox News, CNN International, Lisa Oz, Fox Business, Dr. Steve Show, MONEY w/ Melissa Francis, The Better Show, and Daytime among many others. Dr. Woody has appeared on the Bravo Network’s Tabatha’s Salon Takeover as a guest expert working with Tabatha and her team. Dr. Woody has also appeared onWNBC TODAY in New York, WGN Midday Chicago, KCAL-9 Los Angeles, CBS-4 Miami, PIX-11 New York, Good Day Atlanta, Focus on South Florida, and FOX-5 Los Vegas.

    From 2011 through 2012 Dr. Woody appeared every Tuesday on Fox News Live with host Jamie Colby as a guest expert on work-life issues. Dr. Woody currently appears every week on Fox Business Career Accelerator with host Lauren Simonetti. Dr. Woody also writes a weekly Monday column called “The Career Hot Seat”. He has been quoted as a workplace expert in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Miami Herald, Entrepreneur, and South Florida Sun Sentinal as an expert on leadership and career re-engagement. Dr. Woody has also published award wining research on teamwork titled Cooperation and Competition: The Effects of Team Entrainment and Reward Structure(Woodward et al, 2005).

    Our Awesome Guests on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • How Big is Marketing Made Simple TV today?

    It’s BIG!

    This story explains how big and powerful this show has become.

    Dave Kerpen

    Dave Kerpen

    I received an email in the afternoon on Friday from Craig Yaris, show Producer and Director which says “I found this post on LinkedIn of top business books by Dave Kerpen. He’s a New York Times best-selling author and would be a great guest on the show, if you can get him.”

    Two hours later, Dave is a confirmed guest on Marketing Made Simple TV.

    Our ability to book big names on the show is truly remarkable.

    It’s funny, but when I told Craig that Dave was booked already, he replied “I kind of expected that.” (Craig is familiar with my ability to book big name guests.) When you’ve been hosting a show as long as I have (since March 2012) and you’ve been interviewing famous guests, the word gets around.

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    A Day in the Life (Thursday) of Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Let me take you on the set of Marketing Made Simple TV, so show you what happens behind the scenes as the team and I create this awesome show. We work very hard to bring you great video content each and every week.

    Here’s what my team and I accomplished yesterday:

    1. We published the show Content is Currsncy with content marketing expert Jon Wuebben of Content Launch on this site.

      Jon Wueubben

      Jon Wuebben

    2. We syndicated the show Content is King, but Distribution is Queen with Chad Pollitt through our massive syndication network.Chad Pollitt
    3. We recorded a new Marketing Made Simple TV show with Chris Malone, co-author of The HUMAN Brand: How We Relate to People, Products and Companies (Great show, Chris!)
    4. We downloaded and edited the Chris Malone show.
    5. We uploaded the finished and verified Chris Malone show to YouTube.

    We’re not done. We still need to finish the Chris Malone show with a Call to Action and add links like Twitter, a contact form and more. But those will be done later.

    We also wish to thank some invaluable supporters of the show. They make all of this possible.

    1. Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit for continued direction and support of the show.
    2. Watchitoo, for the new StreamingPro product, which enables our quality to rival HD quality.
    3. Jon, Chad and Chris – for being awesome guests on Marketing Made Simple TV.

    We appreciate your comments and those who share on social media.

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