Introducing Customer Video Testimonials – a Service of Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Marketing Made Simple TV is a wonderful video creation platform

    By just using a bit of imagination, one can see how the same platform used to interview the top business minds in the world – can also be harnessed for your customer video testimonials.Customer testimonial video

    Think of how companies create testimonials today. It’s a complex and labor intensive process.

    1. Reach out to customer and beg for a testimonial
    2. Pray for a yes
    3. Get someone to write it
    4. Get legal involved
    5. Send a draft copy to the customer
    6. Get their legal team involved
    7. Go back and forth around versions.
    8. Get final approval.
    9. “Put it in a pretty dress” and publish it.

    Msrketing Made Simple TV asks a different question:

    “Would you like to appear on TV?”

    We almost never get a no. And we do all the editing work for you too. Easy, quick, no work for you and you get great video content. Sound good?

    To learn about our new video testimonial service, please click the highlighted words or the image here.

    5 Ways Marketing Made Simple TV beats the pants off of Mad Marketing TV

  • Marketing Made Simple TV rocks – plain and simple

    Mad Marketing TV was a nice, quaint little show that I hosted for Act-On Software. I was hired by their former VP of Marketing David Appelbaum. (David is now Senior Vice President of Marketing at MokaFive.)

    Mad Marketing TV ran only at YouTube and the Act-On blog. We used Watchitoo to record the show, and our quality was mediocre at best. That show ended when David left and Atri came on board as Chief Marketing Officer.

    When Marketing Made Simple TV premiered on May 10, 2012, my goal was to deploy learnings and create massive improvement.

    Here are five ways we accomplished that:

    1. Video and audio quality
      For a long time, we struggled with poor quality. But at the start of February 2014, Watchitoo released Streaming Pro and everything changed. Our quality jumped WAY up – from mediocre to near HD quality.  As a result, the show looks highly professional now. Thank you, Watchitoo!
    2. Syndication
      Mad Marketing TV ran only on YouTube and one blog. Marketing Made Simple TV runs at,,, and It also sometimes publishes at CMO .com too. And more big syndication sites are coming too.  In fact, the care and tending of syndication sites is one of my most important jobs with the show.
    3. Calls to Action
      Marketing Made Simple TV contains a Call to Action in every show, where someone watching the show can click a button to get an offer. This enables guests to promote their books and sponsors to promote their content.
    4. Format
      When we did Mad Marketing TV, we had an intro slide and prepared questions. Today, with over 200 shows recorded to date, we jump right into the show, and as host, I listen and react to what is being said. The result is a fresher and harder hitting show.
    5. Quality of Show Guests
      This is our fifth and final, but it is our biggest by far. We’re booking the biggest and best names in the industry today, such as the NY Times best-selling author Daniel Pink, or the SVP and CMO of General Electric, Beth Comstock and the famous author Guy Kawasaki. We’re also booking Freakanomics author Stephen Dubner and Joe Pullizzi of the Content Marketing Institute has been a guest too.

    Those are five ways Marketing Made Simple TV beats the pants off of Mad Marketing TV.

    Is it working? I shared a recent show with my new partners at the fast-growing B2B lead generation company, Madison Logic. Their reply?

    “I watched it. Great show and I loved the hat!  We’ve got to get our CEO on the show, so he can talk directly to marketers about what they need to be doing today.”

    What do you think? We love comments and those who share on social media.

    Selling a Cow to Unsolicited Emailers and Callers

  • CowI get bombarded by unsolicited emails, from people I don’t know. Like this:

    • Want a list of Marketo users? (from Linkedin)
    • We have a great webinar product. Can we set a time to talk? (Email)

    I’m reminded of a story from my late grandfather, who had a brilliant way of dealing with unsolicited contacts.

    I’d like to share this story as to how to deal with unsolicited emailers and callers.

    My grandfather was a very witty man and a farmer. One day a lady called him to sell him something. I don’t remember what the product was, but she was a telemarketer.

    After listening to her sales pitch, my grandfather asked if she had a family. She said she did – she had young children.

    Then what you really need is a cow. A cow can provide you and your kids with milk, and it can also provide you with beef.” She was dumbfounded.

    He answered a sales pitch with his own sales pitch!  He had cows and he asked her a question to turn the tables. Brilliant!

    What do you think? Have you ever tried this?

    Here’s another thing I learned about him. He was ambitious and anxious to move from hilly Southern Indiana to flat land in Ohio. where he could have a big farm. But his wife did not want to move.

    He lived the rest of life in Southern Indiana and never once complained once. I didn’t even learn about this until long after he had passed. Now that is loyalty.

    Happy Valentine’s Day too!

    Jeff Ogden, an award-winning sales and marketing expert is President of Find New Customers, which provides B2B lead generation services to mid sized companies. He’s also the Creator and Host of the popular online TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV. He’s also a top blogger who writes for A list blogs including, and we are proud to share our certification badge

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