Introducing Customer Video Testimonials – a Service of Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Marketing Made Simple TV is a wonderful video creation platform

    By just using a bit of imagination, one can see how the same platform used to interview the top business minds in the world – can also be harnessed for your customer video testimonials.Customer testimonial video

    Think of how companies create testimonials today. It’s a complex and labor intensive process.

    1. Reach out to customer and beg for a testimonial
    2. Pray for a yes
    3. Get someone to write it
    4. Get legal involved
    5. Send a draft copy to the customer
    6. Get their legal team involved
    7. Go back and forth around versions.
    8. Get final approval.
    9. “Put it in a pretty dress” and publish it.

    Msrketing Made Simple TV asks a different question:

    “Would you like to appear on TV?”

    We almost never get a no. And we do all the editing work for you too. Easy, quick, no work for you and you get great video content. Sound good?

    To learn about our new video testimonial service, please click the highlighted words or the image here.

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