Here’s how NOT to book yourself as a guest on Marketing Made Simple TV in 2014

  • Marketing Made Simple TV is THE place to go for authors of top business books, plain and simple.

    Joe Pulizzi

    Joe Pulizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing

    In 2013, we had a steady stream of top authors appear on Marketing Made Simple TV, like Guy Kawasaki (Enchantment), Don Peppers (Extreme Trust), Lisa Arthur (Big Data Marketing) and Daniel Pink (To Sell is Human).

    Undoubtedly, in 2014 even more top business authors will come on Marketing Made Simple TV to discuss their new books and promote them through our massive syndication network. In fact, Marketing Made Simple TV is now the go-to place for book promotion.

    Let me share how it works:

    1. Contact the show host, Jeff Ogden, by sending an email to host at and tell me about your book. I will give you my mailing address.
    2. Mail me a hard copy of your book (preferred) and  I’ll read it. (Give me a few weeks.)
    3. If after reading your book, I’m interested, I’ill contact you about appearing on the show. Otherwise, I’ll let you know. (We always respond. Read on to see why.)

    However, a few authors have never appeared on the show, and probably never will. What’s different about this authors?

    How does one get him or herself eliminated as a guest?

    As I like to say, the sales lead generation company Find New Customers is the nicest company in the BtoB marketing space. Similarly, Marketing Made Simple TV is a nice show run by nice people and featuring nice guests, like Joe Pulizzi, a nice guy featured here. (That’s why we respond to every author.)

    We’re nice, so people who are not nice get ruled out. Such as:

    • A sales expert in the UK (JF)
    • A highly regarded marketing expert (AA)
    • A well’known sales expert (JK)

    What do all of those people have in common?

    They each sent less than nice notes (nasty-grams) to me in the past.  Sorry, but you’re banned. Only nice people get on the show, and nice people never send nasty grams.

    Nasty EmailPoking the man who created a massively popular syndicated show Marketing Made Simple TV is not a good idea, I think. After all, it is my show. I created it, I built the syndication network (You don’t sign up syndication partners by being a jerk), and I made it better and better all the time. I’m also the one who signs up all our sponsors too.

    Here’s my advice for you: Just be nice.

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Marketing Made Simple TV!

    • Jeff Ogden

      Just be nice – let’s all embrace that idea during the holidays and as we enter 2014 too.