How to Add an Audio Track to your Slideshare presentations (updated)

  • talkies“The most underused content platform in marketing is no contest. It’s Slideshare.” Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute on Marketing Made Simple TV

    Slideshare is a great tool in the content marketing practitioners tool belt. But many bto b marketers fail to use it optimally.

    Let the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers fix that today.

    How many times have you run across a spectacular set of slides on Slideshare? Wow! These look awesome! But you see nothing but pretty pictures as you click from slide to slide.

    Just like paintings in a museum, they simply sit there and look nice. Talkies came to the movies decades ago. So why are over 9 out of 10 Slideshares silent?

    Why add audio? Think about this. What if the artists who painted the paintings could talk to you? What if Vincent Van Gogh was right there telling you all about his painting. “Here’s how I painted it and what I was thinking at the time.”  Wouldn’t that be incredible?

    (Update: Slideshare has announced they are eliminating this feature. Shame on them.)

    Marketers can talk with their slides, if only they know how.  Slideshare does work with audio files, so you can actually give a presentation as if you were in front of your prospect.

    A great example of a Slideshare with sound, my presentation as to why the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden would make a great Chief Marketing Officer. Check this out and please share:

    I think most people have no idea how to add audio, so please let explain. If you liked my Slideshare here, please pay attention.

    Here’s the recipe for creating slides with audio at

    1. Create your slides and upload them to Slideshare.
    2. Fire up a program to record audio (Audacity works and is free). Press Record and then present your presentation to yourself and talk as if you are presenting to an audience.Audacity
    3. When you finish, click Stop.
    4. Click on File, Export. Put in a file name and for Save as Type select MP3 Files. Click Save.
    5. Go back to and click on My Uploads at top right.
    6. On your presentation, click Edit, Add Audio.
    7. Click on the button for Upload mp3 file. Your local files will open. Select the mp3 file you recorded in Step 4.
    8. Upload it. It will process, and then you will be sent to an editing program. Your slides will be automatically synced, but they almost always need changing.
    9. Here you mark the end of the audio on each slide. Play the audio and move the slide to thSynchronization Toole end of that section of audio. Click on the next slide and repeat.
    10. If any of your audio segments are long, the pre-defined marks may limit you. If that happens, click Remove All Marks.
    11. When you finish editing, click on Save. Check your work.
    12. If all looks good, click on Publish.
    13. Congratulations! You now have a great Slideshare presentation with audio.

    What do you think of these tips? We love to read your comments and appreciate those who share on social media too.

    Jeff Ogden, the Fearless Competitor, is President of the nicest company – the sales lead generation company Find New Customers, which offers great b2b lead generation services to companies looking to improve the flow of quality sales leads. He’s also the Creator and Host of the popular syndicated TV show, Marketing Made Simple TV.

    Jeff holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame and he lives just East of New York City with his wife and three boys.

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