How to Get Superior Results from your Sponsorship of Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Marketing Made Simple TV exists for one reason only. To provide insights and ideas to help business leaders improve bottom line results.

    Goals like that make the show popular, and sponsors make it possible.

    While the show is syndicated and over million people have a chance to watch it each week, some creativity can go a long way towards engaging the audience.  Here are four recommendations for you to get the maximum return from your investment in show sponsorship.  

    1. Go beyond simple Calls to Action
      Calls to Action are nice (see Paul Dunay show with Eloqua offer at right), but alone they don’t deliver great results – you get leads, but not a lot. You need to make it fun and interesting. A better way would be to sponsor a contest. Watch 3 shows and the show host will give a code from each show. Enter all the codes on your landing page to have a chance to win an iPad mini. A contest would really drive interest in the show.
    2. Use it on your own blog and in your newsletter
      By posting the show to your blog, you will quickly accumulate a lot of great video content. You can use it as ungated content and include it in newsletters you send to your prospects.
    3. Cross-Promote the show
      Create press releases, do live interviews at user meetings, issue press releases and blog about the show – all good ways to promote your sponsorship of the show.
    4. Use the show in your lead nurturing programs
      What company doesn’t need more great content for lead nurturing?  Marketing Made Simple TV is ideal.
    5. Harness our new Guaranteed Leads program
      We have a new offering to take your sponsorship even further. We can take your content and share it with a massive database using emails and newsletters to deliver the exact number of leads you purchase.
    What do you think? Do you have other ideas to help sponsors get better results?
    If you want to talk to show host, Jeff Ogden, just send an email to host at