Hubspot Doubles Down on Content Marketing in 2014. What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2014?

  • What is YOUR content marketing strategy for 2014?

    Here at Marketing Made Simple TV, we’ve been educating the world on the critical importance of #contentmarketing today.  Especially with the Google Hummingbird update – which makes Google harder to game, content is more important than ever, Google’s looking for quality and original content in its rankings now.

    Great content marketing experts have been guests on the show,  like Joe Pulizzi, Jay Baer, Jim Burns and Doug Kessler have all shared insights with Jeff Ogden on Marketing Made Simple TV (including Joe’s show later).  So I was struck by this news from Hubspot last week.Joe Chernov

    Announcing HubSpot’s Latest Talent Acquisition – a Vice President of Content

    “Today, HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe announced a major addition to the HubSpot lineup for 2014 in Joe Chernov, who will join HubSpot as vice president of content effective December 16th. Of the acquisition, Volpe noted: “Our objective every year is to field a championship team whose talent is matched with a style of play that is fun to watch and makes HubSpot fans happy: Joe delivers on each of those criteria. Joe has a reputation among his competitors and teammates alike for being the type of guy you want to go into battle with, along with a legendary beard that rivals other Boston greats likes Mike Napoli and Jonny Gomes.”

    This is clearly a case of the rich getting richer. Hubspot, already a top content marketing firm, hires renowned content marketing expert Joe Chernov from the startup Kinvey to become VP of Content later this month.

    What’s interesting is that one of the best hires one of the best. With so many firms struggling with content marketing today, why aren’t they making the kind of investment Hubspot is making?

    Prior to joining Kinvey, Joe was VP of Content for Eloqua.  I also thought the baseball card with Fenway Park in the background was a nice touch and Joe’s beard matches the Red Sox players too. Well done, Hubspot!

    As for the effect on Kinvey, my friend Jim Burns of Avitage said it best. “That’s the problem with hiring superstar employees (like Joe) for a start-up. It’s big news when they join, but even bigger news when they leave. Hubspot is undoubtedly the right place for Joe.”

    There is a good lesson for start-ups there too:  Be careful about hiring superstars, as deep-pocketed companies like Hubspot can steal them from you.

    Here’s a Marketing Made Simple TV show featuring the content marketing evangelist @joepulizzi:

    Epic Content Marketing featuring Content Marketing Evangelist @joepulizzi on Marketing Made Simple TV

    In my humble opinion, this affects every business. Every business owner whose company sells to businesses needs to answer one question:

    What’s your content marketing strategy for 2014? Tweet this

    It’s also important to note that great content also requires deep buyer insights developed using best-practices buyer persona programs.

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