How to Optimize Show Quality on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Update: Watchitoo Streaming Pro is now delivering quality that rivals HD recording!

    One of our most important goals on Marketing Made Simple TV is to deliver high quality audio and video. Here is information from Watchitoo and us to help you have the best show possible.

    Here are some general tips for guests on the show:

    1. Use an HD webcam. Logitech webcams with glass Carl Zeiss lenses are best. (We have loaners if needed.) Recent Apple products have HD webcams too.
    2. Put your webcam at eye level. (Don’t look down at a laptop webcam! Lift up the laptop to eye level.)
    3. Use the webcam software to zoom in. Your face should fill the screen. (We don’t wish to see your office.)
    4. Ensure most of your lighting is in front of you and not behind you. Do NOT have a brightly light window behind you.
    5. Look into the webcam, smile and give short, punchy answers to questions.

    Tips from Watchitoo, our show platform

    Before your show

    You can use this document to conduct a self-test of Watchitoo functionality in advance of your planned live stream date. Make sure you are in the same location you will be for the live stream (i.e. connected to the same internet network) and, ideally, using the same computer.

    1)      Connect to the internet using a hard-line (Ethernet) connection, not wireless, if at all possible.

    2)      Ensure that you have the most up to date Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer:

    3)      Use one of the following browsers:

    1. Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
    2. Firefox 3.6 or higher
    3. Safari 5.0 or higher

    4)      As long as your computer detects your webcam device, so can Watchitoo. Make sure your webcam is ready but not in use by any program. Check for programs that run in the background or automatically start with your computer, such as Skype. Quit or Sign Out of those programs.

    5)      Try accessing a Watchitoo meeting by going to Enter your e-mail and name to enter the meeting.

    €        Click the big green “start your webcam” button on the top right side of the screen. Once the camera is detected you should see your live webcam feed in a small box on the upper right of the screen.

    €        Confirm that you can see the files (several images, a PowerPoint and a video) that are shuffling on the “stage” (the part of the screen to the left of chat).

    €        Post a few comments in the chat area by typing your comment in the chat box and pressing “enter.”

    6)      Check your download and upload speed by going to and clicking “Begin Test.” (Do not click “Start Now.”) You need at least 5mbps.

    €        Download speed: _____mbps

    €        Upload speed: _____mbps

    7)      Check for firewalls by going to, entering your name and organization and clicking “run all connection tests.” Wait until you see confirmation that tests are complete. A Watchitoo Account Manager will check the results.

    Please send follow-up to Jeff Ogden (, including:

    1)      Confirmation that you can access (and tested with) a hard-line (non-wireless) connection

    2)      Your upload and download speed

    3)      Confirmation that the connection test was completed

    4)      Any problems you encountered

    This checklist is intended to help the interviewee ensure he or she is fully prepared for

    Here are the 6 key factors in performance:

    1. Bandwidth – this is the single most important factor. Please visit and check. We need at least 5 Mbps upload and download. (Watchitoo says 2, but we prefer 5)

    2. Webcam – a quality webcam is needed. Most laptops have built in webcams, but even better are the new high definition webcams with Carl Zeiss (glass) lenses.

    3. No background noise – store the kids, dogs, etc. which create background noise. You want the set to be as quiet as we can make it.

    4. B-Roll content – it is helpful to have information to share. For instance, if you have a list of 5 topics, putting them on a slide gives reference point to the viewers.

    5. Background – look behind you to ensure your background is adequate.
    Rearrange as needed. Important – lights need to be in front of you and not behind. Do NOT have sun streaming in a window behind you!

    6. Prepared discussions = the show works best when the host knows you and what you want to focus on. Help him ask questions to draw out your answers.