About Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Marketing Made Simple TV helps marketers do their jobs better and create better outcomes

    Jeff Ogden created Marketing Made Simple TV to bring industry experts to marketers to help them create better outcomes for their businesses.

    But if Marketing Made Simple TV exists to help marketers create better results, how do we get and keep the attention of these busy men and women? Our answer: Create a TV show!

    TV shows feature camera changes (camera is always on the speaker), B-Roll content (stuff that appears over the shoulder of the speaker) and an off-screen “green room.”  To create an online TV show, you need each  of these.

    We have three key objectives in each and every show we do:

    1. To entertain – we ask for your attention. We must earn that.
    2. To inform – people watch the show to get ideas that drive bottom line results.
    3. To promote our guests – guests are what makes the show good. We need to support them.

    To learn more about the show, or enquire about sponsorships, contact the show host, Jeff Ogden at host at marketingmadesimple.tv.