Selling a Cow to Unsolicited Emailers and Callers

  • CowI get bombarded by unsolicited emails, from people I don’t know. Like this:

    • Want a list of Marketo users? (from Linkedin)
    • We have a great webinar product. Can we set a time to talk? (Email)

    I’m reminded of a story from my late grandfather, who had a brilliant way of dealing with unsolicited contacts.

    I’d like to share this story as to how to deal with unsolicited emailers and callers.

    My grandfather was a very witty man and a farmer. One day a lady called him to sell him something. I don’t remember what the product was, but she was a telemarketer.

    After listening to her sales pitch, my grandfather asked if she had a family. She said she did – she had young children.

    Then what you really need is a cow. A cow can provide you and your kids with milk, and it can also provide you with beef.” She was dumbfounded.

    He answered a sales pitch with his own sales pitch!  He had cows and he asked her a question to turn the tables. Brilliant!

    What do you think? Have you ever tried this?

    Here’s another thing I learned about him. He was ambitious and anxious to move from hilly Southern Indiana to flat land in Ohio. where he could have a big farm. But his wife did not want to move.

    He lived the rest of life in Southern Indiana and never once complained once. I didn’t even learn about this until long after he had passed. Now that is loyalty.

    Happy Valentine’s Day too!

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