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    Jeff Ogden, Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV works tirelessly to promote the show, the guests and the sponsors.

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    Marketing Made Simple TV was created for one simple reason. To share ideas and insights from top experts to deliver bottom line business results for you.

    We’re working continuously to bring you more and more value. In fact, we’re working with a new business partner who excels at delivering high quality sales leads – so stay tuned!

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    Marketing Made Simple TV Sponsor Offers

    The sponsor model for the show:

    • Maximum of 10 sponsors total
    • No direct competitors allowed
    • For companies looking to reach top marketing and sales leaders, plus CEOs

    3 Reasons Marketing Made Simple TV is an awesome show that delivers result for you!

      1. Huge Guests
        Such as Beth Comstock SVP and CMO of GE; Chris Brogan, the popular author and speaker; David Sable, Global CEO of Young and Rubicam; and Guy Kawasaki, the famous marketing expert and author.  Associate those thought leaders with your brand.

    2. Broad and Deep Syndication – reaching lots of eyeballs

    We publish and promote the show extensively, and our guests help us promote the show. Then after two weeks, we syndicate it. (We wait to ensure we don’t run into duplicate content issues – a great tip from Joe Pulizzi, a guest on the show.)

    Marketing Made Simple TV airs at many popular websites, including this blog:

    • Fearless Competitor
    • Marketing Made Simple TV
    • Social Media Club
    • Social Media Today
    • Business2Community
    • CustomerThink
    • YouTube
    • Vimeo
    • Slideshare
    • CMO.com

    3. Calls to Action within the show

    Beth Comstock

    Beth Comstock, CMO, GE

    Calls to ActionThe best way to capture a lead is to grab them when interest is high.

    Notice the link to Learn the Science of Blogging here. By clicking the Yes button, the viewer is delivered to a landing pages, where she registers to download the content. That’s a new lead for you.

    In summary, here is what sponsors get from Marketing Made Simple TV

    • Great content and exposure
    • Connections you could never make on your own.
    • So many eyeballs see you and your content
    • Clickable logos in the show
    • Awesome video content for you to use and share

    The host and guests discuss sponsors on the show. We want to promote you.

    Show Options (additional cost)

    1. Additional Video Content

      Up to 5 additional video interviews with whomever you wish – executives, customers, analysts during the sponsorship period, including short form video content for mobile.
    2. Targeted Sales Leads
      Check out Madison Logic, our new partner!

    To get in touch with the show, please send an email either host or producer at marketingmadesimple.tv and we can share sponsor pricing.