Why you need to check out our sponsor, Avitage, today!

  • Avitage, a long-time sponsor of Marketing Made Simple TV is working on some wonderful things. You should check them out.

    Video is THE killer app today – for demand gen, social, mobile, even for sales engaging buyers, etc. But there’s a big problem with video – it’s honking big dollars, time and effort to create. Once created, it’s fixed. You create a video – it’s done. Or is it?

    Jim Burns, CEO, Avitage

    The Holy Grail of video would be to create a way to break the audio and video into components and assemble it to order. This means, no matter the marketing and sales situation, you can assemble a custom video at very low cost. Need a video for the VP of Sales in a software company? Done. Need a video for the CFO of a manufacturing firm?  Done. Both may contain many of the same pieces – but the finished product is different because it was assembled to order. Think 5 Guys Hambugers vs. McDonalds.

    Avitage may have found the Holy Grail. They’ve long had the ability to create awesome vignettes using PowerPoint. But I spoke to their CEO, Jim Burns, as he excitedly told me about their new video capability.  They now can do with video what they once did with PowerPoint – break it apart, store it in a database, and assemble it to order.

    Do you want to leverage video story-telling content? If so, it’s time to talk to Avitage. Send an email to jburns at avitage.com. Tell Jim that Marketing Made Simple TV sent you.