Happy 5th Birthday, Find New Customers!

  • Happy BirthdayThe nicest company in B2B marketing turns 5 years old tomorrow. Find New Customers official paperwork is dated February 13, 2009.

    Congratulations and happy birthday, Find New Customers. Keep providing those B2B lead generation services to companies who need them.

    In this world of today, where the balance of power has completely shifted from sellers to buyers – companies struggle to adapt, hence the need for companies like Find New Customers.

    Things were iffy for a time, when a former employer tried to shut down this company. Fortunately, the courts said no to him – so the company lives on.

    Find New Customers is led by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden.

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    Have You Ever Been Handcuffed?

  • I have – figuratively.

    It happens when you sign something that locks you up for a year.

    Last week, the handcuffs were removed. Have you ever been handcuffed?

    It’s clearly not fun.handcuffs removed Ours were removed on February 1.

    Find New Customers, the “nicest company in B2B marketing today” welcomed the arrival of February by removing all restrictions of where we can and cannot offer our B2B lead generation services.

    Check out “The Disclaimers are all Removed” here. With a tough economy and companies struggling to fill sales funnels with quality opportunities, more and more firms turn to companies offering B2B lead generation services like Find New Customers. To develop quality leads, you’ll need a lot, including:

    1. Buyer Personas - to truly understand your buyers, so you can create content that compels.
    2. Content Marketing - to have bait on your hook
    3. Lead Nurturing – to earn trust over time
    4. Lead Scoring – to measure buying readiness
    5. Metrics – to tune and improve

    Thankfully, we now can offer you our B2B lead generation services no matter where you are located. So contact Find New Customers today by sending a note to sales at findnewcustomers.com.

    The Importance of Face to Face Meetings

  • Jeff Ogden

    Jeff Ogden, award-winning marketing expert

    What’s the difference?


    I’m meeting with three companies in New York City today.

    All three companies I’m meeting with I met before.

    I had breakfast with the Global CEO of Young and Rubicam last Fall, which led to one of the meetings. The other two are CEOs I met at Shark Fight in NYC recently.

    Bottom line: I met each of these in person, completely decked out in my Marketing Made Simple TV hat (see photo) and large name tag. And once we met, these business owners wanted to meet with me.

    But what if we’ve not met in person? I sent an email to a prospective sponsor of Marketing Made Simple TV and the COO send back “Please don’t email me anymore.”

    That’s not usual. People who meet me face to face bond with me. But if we’ve never met, they push me away.

    One of the key findings in the ITSMA marketing survey is that your customers crave human contact. Amen! I could not agree more.

    Here is the take-away for you:

    In this era of digital marketing, there’s still a very important place for person to person contact.

    Get out there and meet people every chance you get. Network, network, network.

    What had been your experience? We love comments and those who share on social media. And if you wish to get to know me better, please visit my Executive Portfolio.