Meet Jeff Ogden, your New Chief Marketing Officer

  • I wanted something better than a dry, boring resume – a meaningless piss poor predictor of potential performance if there ever was one. Something has to be better.

    What about a Slide presentation?

    Since Slideshare is an underused marketing platform, I created a set of slides presenting myself as a great Chief Marketing Officer candidate, which I uploaded to Slideshare and narrated. But they were dry and somewhat boring.

    My 17 year old son, who is superb with video, asked “What are you doing, Dad?” I showed him. He said “I can make something a LOT better for you.”

    He sure did. Watch this great video Kevin created, which I uploaded to YouTube and embedded here. Frankly, this video is so good, companies will have a very hard time rejecting me IMHO.

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    Is this better than a dry, boring paper resume? What do you think?

    To contact me about this video or to hire video editing expert Kevin for your company, send an email to jeff dot ogden at

    Why I use BrandYourself for Personal Branding

  • Jeff Ogden

    Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers

    If you are not familiar with, it is a nice tool for personal branding. Just post your links there and follow their instructions to boost them to the top of search rankings.

    According to, I now hold 9 of the top 10 positions in Google search. BrandYourself also lets you create a very cool Executive Portfolio like Jeff Ogden. What does that mean – at the bottom line?

    That means when people go into Google and type “Jeff Ogden” I do very, very well. And when they click in my Executive Portfolio, I look very good too.

    That led to a fresh idea. Since the b2b lead generation company Find New Customers is the Unmarketing company today, why can’t I also become the “unmarketing” CMO candidate?

    Since everyone else sends out 2 page resumes detailing past jobs and accomplishments, I had a fresh idea.  My question was this: Since so many resumes go out today, how can one stand out from the rest? My answer: you have to be different.

    My new resume contains just three words:

    Google “Jeff Ogden”

    It’s funny, but when I was working on the book Get Back to Work Faster with a top sales expert, we covered building a great online presence. Since I was featured in that book, I have a great one. And BrandYourself made it even better.

    Why not simply use it?

    I’ll keep you posted. Visit here often.

    Can You Use Slideshare to Find a Chief Marketing Officer position?

  • Can you use Slideshare to win a top marketing job, like Chief Marketing Officer?

    Jeff Ogden

    Jeff Ogden, Chief Marketing Officer

    I’ve won many, many marketing awards over the years (see below), and I’m also the founder and President of Find New Customers, which offers B2b lead generation services to mid-sized firms looking to grow the number of qualified sales leads.

    I’ve helped many companies implement world-class marketing programs. I’ve also written lots of great marketing content, like How to Find New Customers.

    The skills I developed doing these makes me an ideal marketing leader. And creating and hosting Marketing Made Simple TV gives me a world-class network too.

    But when I talk to recruiters about marketing jobs like those found on LinkedIn, I almost always get “You’re vastly over-qualified for this marketing role, Jeff. You should be a VP of Marketing.

    They’re right. I’d be a great fit as top marketing officer, like Chief Marketing Officer, but there are not many of those open.

    Can Slideshare help me?

    Joe Pulizzi, founder of The Content Marketing Institute, calls Slideshare “the best and most overlooked tool in marketing.” Why not try?

    Why companies need Chief Marketing Officers

    And as we move into 2014, we clearly see that buyers are firmly in control, making marketing more important than ever before. It’s a known fact that most of the sales cycle is over before your salespeople meet a prospect. This is why the role of Chief Marketing Officer is so important! He or she needs to lead and earn the trust of future buyers, while championing existing customers too.

    In fact, it’s forecasted by Gartner that by 2017, CMOs will outspend CIO’s in technology, especially in high tech firms. Marketing grows in importance every year.

    To test my theory, I created a nice PowerPoint presentation, uploaded it to Slideshare, and narrated it so it would present as if I were delivering it to a CEO personally. (I wish others would narrate their Slideshares too.)

    Take a look at this presentation and tell me what you think of it. And if your 2011-winner-badge-SLMA-ogden2012-50most-badge-ogden2013-50most-badge-ogdencompany needs a great Chief Marketing Officer, send a note to host at Or simply visit my Executive Portfolio.