How To Delight Your Customers – Steve Curtin @enthused on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Customer Enthusiast and services expert Steve Curtin (@enthused) of Delight Your Customers sits down with host Jeff Ogden for a fun discussion around ways to turn ordinary service into extraordinary service. You’ll learn:

    1. Why most employees do mandatory job functions well, they miss voluntary actions that make it great.
    2. How great service costs no more than poor service
    3. Ways YOU can deliver great service in your business

    To learn more about Steve, visit his blog  or follow @enthused on Twitter. And to buy Steve’s great book, click the book image at rightdelight-your-customers Marketing Made Simple TV is a production of the sales lead generation company Find New Customers and premiers every Thursday at noon ET/9am PT. The show is directed by Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit and is supported by our great show sponsors, such as Avitage, Communication Strategy Group, Social Ribbit and Watchitoo. Please give them your business.