The Power to Get In – @SOARSelling with David and Mahrnelle Hibbard on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Marketing Made Simple TV exists solely to deliver ideas and insights to improve YOUR business results. Most sales programs teach you how to sell to a prospect, but how do you get in the door in the first place? If your salespeople can’t get to the right people, they can’t sell. That’s where SOAR Selling comes in – the power to get in. Authors David and Mahrnelle Hibbard sit down with host Jeff Ogden for a fun and rousing chat around the power to get in to almost anyone – a proven method for reaching decision makers. In this show, you’ll learn:

    1. Why mental preparation is critical to your success
    2. How to get past screeners and get to real executives
    3. How to deal with the “Send me some information” request

    We thank David and Mahrnelle for appearing on Marketing Made Simple TV. Marketing Made Simple TV premieres every Thursday at noon ET/9am PT at and many other sites. The Producer and Director of the show is Craig E Yaris of Social Ribbit. We also invite you to check out the show sponsors.