The Vision Behind Marketing Made Simple TV – with Marilyn Daly of Watchitoo

  • What makes Marketing Made Simple TV such a great TV show? It’s truly a TV show, not a web show.

    TV shows like “Face the Nation” are characterized by camera changes, B-Roll content and an off-screen “green room.” Marketing Made Simple TV offers all of that, thanks to show sponsor Watchitoo, who also makes a nice offer of their Playground product in this show.

    Join host Jeff Ogden as he interviews Watchitoo’s Director of Marketing, Marilyn Daly.

    Marilyn Daly

    Marilyn Daly

    In this show, you will learn:

    1. How Watchitoo makes a TV-like show possible.
    2. The dramatic improvement in video quality we’re now delivering
    3. The future of Watchitoo and Marketing Made Simple TV

    Marketing Made Simple TV is a production of the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit directs the show and it is edited by Kevin Ogden. It is supported by our wonderful sponsors too.