Marketing Attribution vs. Contribution – What’s Best? – @JimLenskold on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, marketing metrics expert Jim Lenskold of The Lenskold Group discusses one of the most vexing problems in business today – understanding the true value of marketing in your company. He joins host Jeff Ogden to discuss two key concepts for measuring the true value of marketing – marketing attribution vs. marketing contribution.Jim zLenskold

    In this show, you’ll learn:
    1) What’s the difference between attribution and contribution leading to revenue?
    2) How do measurements align with different perspectives?
    3) What can be done to choose measurement which improve thee effectiveness of marketing?

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    Just Add Data | The Path to Better Marketing Results – Laura Patterson and Julie Schwartz on Marketing Made Simple TV

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    ITSMA/VEM research shows that marketing organizations that leverage data in their strategic and tactical decision making have a business performance advantage. Data-savvy organizations are better able to improve their average time to revenue and decrease their sales costs per order dollar. But what does it take to be data-savvy?

    Join show host Jeff Ogden with Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing ( and Julie Schwartz Senior Vice President, Research and Thought Leadership, ITSMA ( for a fascinating chat about the results of a study of B2B marketers.

    You will gain insight into how you and your peers use marketing data, metrics, and analytics to inform marketing decisions, predict buyer behavior, improve marketing performance, and forecast trends.

    P.S: Did you know the 2012 MPM Study revealed that  Best-in-Class marketers do 6 things better and differently than their peers when it comes to performance management? To learn more about these 6 principles, see the abbreviated summary (free) in VEM’s white paper section or or ITSMA’s research library. For a detailed look with key findings, full recommendations on how to improve your C-Suite score, and descriptive graphs showing the distribution of the scores, purchase the final report for $495 at the VEM Store and ITSMA In addition, Laura and Julie will discuss the survey results during a web briefing, Mastering the Six Principles of Marketing Performance Management, on November 8.

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    Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing interviewed on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • In this episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, marketing metrics expert Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing sits down with show host Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers.

    In this show, you will learn:

    • Why marketing dashboards are critical today
    • How to select the right metrics to measure
    • Keys to tuning your marketing mix using metrics

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