My MBA in Marketing – the Perks of Hosting Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Marketing Made Simple TV has been a world-class marketing education for the host of the show, Jeff Ogden

    Let’s say you decide to get your MBA. You look at top schools and decide on the University of Chicago. (My favorite economist is the late Milton Friedman, who taught at the University of Chicago.)

    You arrive at the school and head to your first class. The professor walks in and starts teaching concepts of marketing.  At some point, a good professor will also bring in outside guests – all well-respected marketing experts, such as Guy Kawasaki, Ted Rubin, Jeffrey Hayzlett, Daniel Pink or Sandra Zoratti. You pay very large invoices and, if you can afford it, you get a degree in a couple of years.MBA

    How Marketing Made Simple TV is just like an MBA

    Imagine, if you will, having access to all those outside experts. And what if you got to spend quality time with each of them. What if you read their books and interviewed them on camera. In little time, you would have received a world-class marketing education. That’s is what Jeff Ogden, the Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV experienced.

    Having spent over a full year reading books and interviewing top marketing experts has undoubtedly delivered a world class marketing education to me.  Considering that marketing has changed more in the last two years than it has in the prior 50 (Adobe Marketing Study), staying up to date on the latest marketing trends is critical. Though I have a BBA in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame, that was very long time ago. But because of Marketing Made Simple TV, I’m undoubtedly as savvy as kids graduating from MBA school today.

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