Cntrl-Alt-Delete- Reboot Your Business and You – @mitchjoel on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • In this premiere episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, @mitchjoel, President of the digital marketing agency TwistImage, the author of the new book, Cnrl-Alt-Delete – Reboot your Business and You sits down with show host Jeff Ogden.

    Mitch pulls no punches in this provocative best-selling book or on this show. This is why you need to watch this show.

    Mitch Joel

    Mitch Joel

    In this Marketing Made Simple TV show, you’ll learn:

    1. How dramatically the world has changed, requiring change by you
    2. Why data is key to business success today
    3. Why you need to reboot you as well in the future

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    To learn more about Mitch, please visit the amazing TwistImage blog.

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    Marketing Made Simple TV featuring Mitch Joel, President of TwistImage

  • In this premier episode of Marketing Made Simple TV, Mitch Joel of TwistImage and author of the very popular blog, Six Degrees of Separation, joins the show host, Jeff Ogden of Find New Customers. We also wish to thank Alison Gilbert for the great introduction.

    In this show, we learn:

    1. Mitch’s first book and upcoming book with lessons for each of us.
    2. The need for us to change, not just adapt the changes around us.
    3. Keys to becoming a great speaker – the need to say yes, do it often, know your content and don’t hide behind a podium.
    4. B2B and their skepticism on social media.

    Marketing Made Simple TV is a weekly show that runs every Thursday at noon ET. We hope you will tune in each week for a new show.

    Next week’s guest will be Mac McConnell of BlueBird Strategies.

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