Happy 5th Birthday, Find New Customers!

  • Happy BirthdayThe nicest company in B2B marketing turns 5 years old tomorrow. Find New Customers official paperwork is dated February 13, 2009.

    Congratulations and happy birthday, Find New Customers. Keep providing those B2B lead generation services to companies who need them.

    In this world of today, where the balance of power has completely shifted from sellers to buyers – companies struggle to adapt, hence the need for companies like Find New Customers.

    Things were iffy for a time, when a former employer tried to shut down this company. Fortunately, the courts said no to him – so the company lives on.

    Find New Customers is led by the award-winning marketing expert Jeff Ogden.

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    “You’re not an expert when you say you are. You’re an expert only when OTHERS say you are”

  • Those words were said to me some time ago by B2B msrketing expert Ardath Albee and she was 100% right. I cannot agree more.

    Calling yourself a (B2B marketing) expert does make make you so. Only others saying you are makes you a true expert.

    Marketing awards like these are voted by peers in marketing and not by me. So they meet the definition above.

    Jeff Ogden, President of the “nicest company in B2B marketing”, Find New Customers has won this prestigious marketing award from the Sales Lead Management Association THREE years in a row!

    If your salespeople are complaining about a lack of qualified sales opportunities, then you need to visit Find New Customers today!

    While you’re there, download and read the free white paper on BtoB lead generation, How to Find New Customers.How to Find New Customers

    Find New Customers provides B2B Lead Generation services to mid-sized firms with 100 to 5,000 employees.  But not in Georgia, at least not prior to Saturday, February 1, 2014.

    If you are a mid sized company with 100 to 5,000 employees struggling to fill sales pipelines with quality sales leads, talk to Find New Customers today. Just shoot an email to jeff dot ogden at findnewcustomers.com.

    2012-50most-badge-ogden 2011-winner-badge-SLMA-ogden 2013 SLMA Ogden

    The Power of Reciprocity in Business – the new mantra of Find New Customers

  • Birthday photoReciprocity in Business is a valuable tool, if used correctly, It is the new Find New Customers.

    One of the core concepts I selected when I founded the sales lead generation company Find New Customers back in February 2009 was what I call “Always Be Helping.” In fact, when I was a guest on Hubspot TV, those three words were my take-away on the show.

    Always Be Helping means doing things for others, without asking anything in return.

    It’s been a key idea in the growth of Find New Customers and my show, Marketing Made Simple TV. Just look at the awesome guest list for the show just to see what I’ve accomplished with this approach. How do you book awesome guests like this? You make THEM look good.

    Find New Customers offers B2B lead generation services to help fill sales funnels with qualified sales opportunities, resulting in higher revenue for our clients and greater job security for their salespeople and executives. But our company is based on the fundamental concept of reciprocity.

    To understand that concept think of getting LinkedIn Endorsements. Instead of asking for LinkedIn Endorsements, you WRITE LinkedIn Endorsements for others – without asking for anything in return. (That, ironically, is the secret to getting lots of endorsements. I have over 45 recommendations, while the average LinkedIn profile has less than 5.) Here’s Jeff Ogden’s LinkedIn Profile, which was also featured in the book Get Back to Work Faster.

    If you’re an experienced professional looking for a new job, I highly recommend you download and read the book Get Back to Work Faster. It’s free. The author no longer sells it.

    Writing LinkedIn recommendations to get recommendations uses an idea called Reciprocity. We see reciprocity when someone gives someone else an unexpected gift.  The recipient feels obligated to give a gift back to the person who gave one to her. And she feels an even greater obligation, if the gift giver never asks.

    That’s the idea we use now when we call Find New CustomersThe Nicest Company in the B2B Marketing Industry.” It’s an extension of what we stood for back in 2009.

    The best way to describe the new Find New Customers is by what we no longer do:

    1. We don’t send email blasts
    2. We don’t make sales calls
    3. We don’t sell at all

    One person said to me, “But Jeff, you have to make a living.” And he’s right. I surely do. But everyone who says things like that misses an important point. They think that the more you try to sell, the more you will sell. But the reverse is true. Sometimes the less you try to sell, the more you actually sell.

    Here is the bottom line why reciprocity works so well:

    People love to buy. People hate to be sold.

    The reality is this: We sell MORE by not selling.

    While that may sound odd, the simple fact that we do not sell, makes Find New Customers a much more desirable company to prospects out there looking for B2B lead generation services.

    And since Find New Customers is filled with great content, like the great white paper, How to Find New Customers –  it’s a compelling destination for companies who need help and are looking for B2B lead generation services.

    I’d love to hear what you think of this radical idea. Is it a good one or am I full of crap? I’d love to read your comments and appreciate those who share on social media. And you can email me directly at jeff dot ogden at findnewcustomers.com.