Encore: Global Brand Simplicity Study – Brian Rafferty of Siegel+Gale on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • In this encore show, Brian Rafferty of Siegel+Gale shares finding from the Brand Simplicity Index with host Jeff Ogden, the award-winning marketing expert. Tweet it too, by clicking here.

    Brian Rafferty

    Brian Rafferty

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    In this show, you’ll learn why Apple needs to watch out, and why the car and rental companies have a BIG problem. You’ll also learn why Google needs to watch out for Microsoft’s Bing.

    And in reading the Wall Street Journal recently, I learned the best-performing restaurant chain had a simple three word value statement – Wings, Beer, Sports. That’s right. Buffalo Wild Wings is booming. #SimplicityPays

    Tons of surprises in this study. That’s why you need to watch it!  And please tweet it too, by clicking here.

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