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  • Here’s an encore from one of the best shows of 2013 – presentation expert Nancy Duarte

    How do the world’s greatest speakers, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy, deliver some of the world’s greatest speeches? Nancy knows and she shares key insights with you in this show. This is truly “must-watch” TV!

    In this “Best of Marketing Made Simple TV” show, Nancy Duarte, a popular TED speaker and CEO of Duarte, a Silicon Valley company that crafts presentations for leaders of the world’s greatest brands joins show host Jeff Ogden in a fun and engaging show. In this show, she shares insights on how the very best speakers deliver such riveting talks.

    If you want a great book that takes full advantage of the capabilities of the iPad you got for Christmas, check out the multi-touch book Resonate by Nancy Duarte. It’s free for you to read in iBooks (by downloading it from iTunes.)

    Here’s info on the book:

    Resonate Multi-Touch Book by Nancy DuarteDancy Duarte

    Like having a portable story writing workshop in your hands

    It’s Digital, It’s Fantastic. It’s Free!
    Resonate Multi-Touch Book is like having a portable story writing workshop in your hands as you prepare your next presentation. You’ll learn a new presentation development methodology informed by cinema, literature, and the greatest speeches of all time.

    Learning these transformative principles in an immersive environment significantly helps your retention of how to:

    • Create your content in a story form
    • Understand the business case for story
    • Understand the Hero’s Journey — and apply it to your audience’s journey
    • Address an audience’s risk, resistance, and reward
    • Practice rapid brainstorming to generate content
    • Create out-of-the-box concepts and perspectives
    • Embed contrast to create interest through tension and release
    • Construct clear turning points
    • Establish audience empathy

    In this show, you’ll learn 3 things:

    1. How great communicators use a special technique to engage their audience.
    2. Why the audience and not the speaker are most important.
    3. Why learning to communicate well improves results in business and life

    We thank Nancy Duarte (@nancyduarte) for being a great guest on Marketing Made Simple TV.

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    National Elevator Pitch Champion Chris Westfall (@westfallonline) on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • Chris Westfall is the National Elevator Pitch Champion, who won in a contest sponsored by Jeffrey Hayzlett, a former guest on this show.

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    9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Service – Chip Bell on Marketing Made Simple TV

  • In this show, Chip Bell, keynote speaker, consultant and author of 9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Service joins host Jeff Ogden for a fun and interesting conversation about customer service. Click here to share on Twitter.

    You’ll learn:

    1. About the importance of surprise (the Cracker-Jack principle)
    2. Why you need to take their breath away
    3. How to deliver service that would make your Mama smile

    In business today, companies who deliver exemplary service win. That’s why you need to watch Chip’s show.

    Great show! @ChipRBell of 9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Service. Check it out! Click to tweet this.

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