Marketing Made Simple TV used to suck, but now it’s better and better!

  • We sincerely apologize for our poor audio and video quality in the past. Past guests got a raw deal.Sorry

    However, Marketing Made Simple TV is today much better than it’s ever been.

    These are the three reasons why:

    1. Watchitoo StreamingPro (Released February 2014) delivers vastly better audio and video quality – near HD quality.
    2. Viewbix Mid Roll – let’s us gate the show after X seconds of watching – to build up our own list, learn about our viewers and drive value for show sponsors.
    3. Madison Logic, our new business partner, delivers leads and real conversions for show sponsors. In fact, that addresses the single biggest concern we heard from sponsors – not enough conversions!

    In addition, show guests are now introducing and closing their own shows – making it compelling from the very beginning!

    We will ALWAYS work to bring you a better and better show. We took the lessons we learned from initially hosting Mad Marketing TV for Act-On Software and we keep making it better and better.

    And we thank best-selling author and CEO Dave Kerpen for this great 13 second clip. Please watch it.

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    Keynote speaker and best-selling author @davekerpen on Marketing Made Simple TV

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    We’ve completely redesigned the show start, to make it much more engaging for YOU. Instead of the logo and me, the guests now introduce their shows.  Please let me know what you think of this new show opening.

    Dave Kerpen is founder and CEO of Likeable Local, the co-founder and Chairman of Likeable Media, and the New York Times best-selling author of Likeable Social Media and Likeable Business. He’s also one of the most read Influencers on LinkedIn.

    The show also contains a great offer – How to Represent Your Brand Online. Just click the button at the top of the player to sign up for this great content.

    Dave Kerpen

    Dave Kerpen

    “I’m watching @DaveKerpen of Likeable Local on Marketing Made Simple TV to tweet

    In this show, you will learn:

    1. Why you need to go where your buyers are
    2. To find out where, just ask them
    3. How to really listen and why most cannot do it.
    4. The importance of genuine gratitude

    You will also learn why Dave hand-writes 3 thank-you letters first thing every morning and how you can use that too.

    Tweet Dave at @davekerpen and he will answer your tweet. For that matter, send a tweet to @fearlesscomp Jeff Ogden, Creator and Host of Marketing Made Simple TV – and he will answer every tweet as well.


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    The show premieres every Thursday at noon ET/9am PT at Marketing Made Simple TV. 14 days later, it is broadly syndicated all over the web.

    Encore: Influencer Marketing with @samfiorella on Marketing Made Simple TV in a special Christmas show

  • Join Sam Fiorella and Jeff Ogden in this special encore Christmas show – and our FINAL SHOW of 2013

    Jeff Ogden, Marketing Made Simple TV Creator and Host, as well as Craig Yaris, Producer and Director, wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

    In this final encore Marketing Made Simple TV show of 2013, we celebrate a great year with Sam Fiorella is Sensei Marketing, co-author of Influence Marketing. (click the button in the bottom right to maximize the window for optimal viewing)

    Sam sits down with show host Jeff Ogden, as they debate which should be the real Santa. And you’ll LOVE the Christmas theme in the intro of this show too. (Click the button at the lower right to maximize the show for optimal viewing.)


    Sam will teach you:

    1. What influence really means
    2. Why Klout, Kred and True Influence as well as social superstars are not real influence
    3. How customers are the foundation of all true influence and why that’s where real influence orginates

    Here’s the key take-away:

    Go talk to your customers and find out what’s on their minds.

    As Adele Revella of the Buyer Persona Institute asks “Why do some chose to invest to address a pain, while others simply live with the pain?  If you can’t answer that question, then you don’t really know your customers.

    In our final encore show of 2013, we also want to look back on a great year on Marketing Made Simple TV. Here are three of our top achievements for the year.

    1. The show has grown by leaps and bounds.
    2. The video and audio quality has improved dramatically.
    3. But most of all, we’ve had a steady stream of truly awesome guests on the show.

    The year is done and we did exactly 52 Marketing Made Simple TV shows in 2013!  WOW! A big thanks to every guest who appeared on the show in 2013!

    We also want to hand out some well deserved awards. Please click in the Twitter bird to share on twitter.

    All-Star Supporter award – goes to Jim Burns, CEO of Avitage for consistent and ongoing support.
    Tweet: All-Star Supporter award - goes to Jim Burns, CEO of Avitage for consistent and ongoing support.
    Tool of the Year award – goes to Watchitoo for their awesome new Streaming Pro product which improved quality a great deal.
    Tweet: Tool of the Year award - goes to Watchitoo for their awesome new Streaming Pro product which improved quality a great deal.
    Most Valuable Player award – goes to Craig Yaris of Social Ribbit for his tireless work on the show. Tweet this.

    We could not be more excited about 2014 too. Undoubtedly, we’ll see even more growth in the show. New syndication sites, more great press, new show sponsors and even more awesome guests on the show. Please stay tuned in 2014.

    Craig and Jeff also wish you and yours a great 2014 too.

    Here’s why YOU should purchase Influence Marketing

    Influence Marketing won’t just help you identify and enlist key influencers: it will help you manage the influence paths that lead consumers to buy.

    By sharing empirical evidence of hard-won lessons from pioneering influence marketers, Danny Brown and Sam Fiorella provide a blueprint that moves influence marketing beyond simple brand awareness and into sales acquisition and customer life time value measurement. They integrate new tools and techniques into a complete methodology for generating more and better leads—and converting them faster, at higher margins.

    • Put the customer—not the influencer—at the center, and plan influence marketing accordingly
    • Recognize where each prospect stands in the purchase life cycle right now
    • Clarify how your consumers move from brand preference to purchase
    • Identify key micro-influencers who impact decisions at every stage
    • Gain indispensable insights into the context of online relationships
    • Recognize situational factors that derail social media brand recommendations
    • Understand social influence scoring models and overcome their limitations
    • Re-engineer and predict influence paths to generate measurable action
    • Master the “4 Ms” of influence marketing: make, manage, monitor, measure
    • Transform influence marketing from a “nice-to-have” exercise into a powerful strategy

    By the way, Sam’s list is just like buyer personas, and Find New Customers is a certified buyer persona practitioner.

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