Welcome to Newest Syndication Site!

  • Welcome to our newest syndication site – Social Media Today.

    RT @socialmedia2day: ViDEO: Basil Puglisi of Digital Ethos on Marketing Made Simple TV by @fearlesscomp ow.ly/1luxzc

    Syndication delivers eyeballs, which in turn delivers value for prospective sponsor firms. Want to learn about sponsoring the show? Check out Sponsoring/Advertising on Marketing Made Simple TV.

    We have a plan for Marketing Made Simple TV that consists of several steps:

    1. Deliver true TV on the Internet – style and quality (done)
    2. Using high quality, sign up new syndication sites (like Social Media Today)
    3. As viewership grows, sign up show sponsors

    We could not be more excited. Our quality is better than ever. Both sides of the interview will use hi-def webcams. Sites like DigitalEthos, BMABuzz and Social Media Today are syndicating the show.  And other sites are coming….

    Sponsors will not be far behind.

    Exciting News for Marketing Made Simple TV!

  • Dramatically Improved Show Quality on Marketing Made Simple TV


    As many of you know, our top priority on Marketing Made Simple TV is video and audio quality. We are the Television on the Internet show, so we need TV like quality to go with green rooms, camera changes and B-roll content. So we were thrilled to get the email below late last week from Watchitoo, the company that provides our show platform.

    This bodes well for future shows and sponsors.


    Hi Jeff,

    We completed running tests and upgrades on the recorders within Watchitoo, and the quality has been greatly improved. If you were to record yourself today for instance, you would notice a greater quality of image and audio.

    We thank you for your patience, and apologize for the delay, and even after this development, we will continue to improve our platform to ensure it is always of a higher standard and quality.

    Thank You

    Obatala Mawusi. Watchitoo

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