Accolades for the Show

  • Host of Marketing Made Simple TV “Television on the Internet”

    Paul Dunay
    Global Vice President of Marketing at Maxymiser
    Jeff is an amazing host for Marketing Made Simple TV! He’s always prepared, professional and he quickly puts the show guests at ease. His ability to book the biggest names in the business is legendary. Jeff’s also a demand generation whiz and remarkable blogger. All in all, he’s very impressive!

    Ted Rubin
    Chief Social Marketing Officer Collective Bias™
    Jeff is a true professional who is a master of his craft. He is smart, creative, organized and highly energized. When being interviewed and interacting with him you feel at ease, comfortable and engaged. He does his homework and is a skilled and interested show host.

    Sandra Zoratti
    Global Marketing Executive | Speaker | Author | VP of Marketing, Ricoh | Data-Driven Content Marketing | Social Media
    Jeff is a talented host for Marketing Made Simple TV! He is informed, articulate, a great listener and is able to hone in on compelling topics and book stellar guests that add value. Jeff is also a skilled marketer and follows up, follows through and makes things happen. All around, Jeff is super impressive!

    Laura Patterson
    President, VisionEdge Marketing- Improving Marketing Effectiveness and Creating Marketing Centers of Excellence
    In today’s 140 character world, marketers seek fast, usable, easy to access information from trusted and proven sources. With Marketing Simple TV, experienced marketer Jeff Ogden leverages the Internet and his network of established marketing experts to create an engaging TV-like format to explore and address many of the topics top of mind among marketers.

    Chief Executive Officer, The Hayzlett Group

    “This interview should be called “Under the Hat with Jeff!” Wearing his signature hat, Ogden gives and off the wall and dynamic interview, capturing the essence and message of the guest, and really embodies his own brand promise of Marketing Made Simple.You never know where it will go and that’s the whole purpose of the interview — refreshing in that Jeff’s style is honest and authentic.”

    Craig Yaris
    Chief Social Marketer, EsquireTech Solutions

    “As the current producer for Marketing Made Simple TV, I can say that there is no better “TV” host than Jeff. He has the ability to make people feel comfortable, even from thousands of miles away, and always manages to ask the questions that the audience is looking for. Jeff’s vision of this show is very clear, from the guests to the questions, his sole purpose is to help small businesses learn, in 20 minute segments, how to use the tools and technologies available to them. It is an honor to work with Jeff on the show, and I always look forward to the next guest, and learning whatever I can from the greatest minds in marketing!”

    David Horsager
    Chief Executive Officer, Horsager Leadership, Inc.

    “Jeff is a fantastic host of Marketing Made Simple TV! He gets superb content, wonderful guests and he asks just the right questions.”

    Steve Farnsworth
    Chief Blogger, The @Steveology Blog
    “I had meet Jeff via social media and knew him for about a year. I knew from that experience Jeff was dogged in creating great content. I was delighted when Jeff asked me to be on the show. He was wonderful about working on a topic and fine tuning it, keeping me updated and informed about all the steps involved for the recording, and diligent in promoting the interview before and after. Jeff did a fantastic job. It was a pleasure to work with.”