Law Firm Marketing Strategies

6 Easy Law Firm Marketing Strategies for Attorneys

If you’re a mid to small size law firm, chances are that you remain hesitant about the marketing strategies you should or shouldn’t utilize. A law firm marketing strategy consists of an overall plan on what you plan to market, how you intend to grow your firm and acquire new leads as well as to retain past clients. The concept of doing this can prove to be daunting. However, when it comes to marketing for lawyers in the modern digital era, there are a few things to consider than can help you to decide which strategy suits your law firm and its specific needs.

1) Build A Referral System

One of the most effective ways a law firm can market their service is to establish a referral based system by actively encouraging clients and customers to spread the word. Many individuals are more than happy to share their positive experiences with friends and family, however, they may need a bit of coaxing.

Also, by utilizing this strategy law firms need to ensure that their website is modern, optimized for mobile and PC users and organized. Many successful law firms have proclaimed that a vast majority of their business comes from cross referrals from a strong referral network.

2) Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to formulating law firm marketing strategies, it’s worth noting that most people utilize law firms so they can eventually communicate and meet with an attorney. As such, you have millions upon millions of people who are searching for guidance in this department. SEO can be best described as altering off-site and on-site factors to increase the ranking of a website within a search index, for a given search query. Interestingly enough, statistics indicate that almost two thirds of the traffic that’s generated for a search query, goes to the top 3 ranked websites. As such, if you aren’t using the services of an SEO expert and your website is not within the top 3 rankings for locally based search queries about your business, you are missing out!

3) Content Marketing

Statistics indicate that law firms who use content marketing, experience an increase of 50% more visitors and 67% more leads on average. Content marketing can be best described as being the strategy of utilizing engaging and informational content to reach out to prospective leads, such as to promote a blog about legal terminologies people may not know. Law firms can use content marketing as a way to establish themselves as an authoritative figure on the subject which in turns leads to a higher amount of trust. More trust equates to more revenue.

4) Newsletter

8 billion people use email applications. 92 % of which, check their emails daily. It goes without saying that with numbers like this, law firms stand to benefit greatly from establishing a newsletter. The reality of the fact is that most people may use the services of a lawyer once, and continue to go back to the same lawyer for years. However, this is only if the firm maintains contact with the client. By establishing a newsletter you will always be on your client’s mind. As such, whenever a legal situation arises or if a friend needs legal reputation, your law firm will be the first thing that comes to mind, since you established a newsletter which provided useful information.

5) Pay Per Click Advertising

Sometimes the competition is so fierce, it would not be financially feasible for a smaller sized law firm to try and compete with via SEO. In some instances, the firm may need results instantaneously and is not in a position to wait months to see results. In this case, PPC or pay-per-click advertising would be ideal.

The good thing about PPC advertising is that it can produce results within less than a day and can help to boost the visibility of your firm.

6) Social Media Marketing

Statistics indicate that 90 percent of individuals from Generation X and 70 percent of individuals aged 40-60, believe that it’s critical that brands have a Facebook page specifically. While social media may not prove to be a law firm’s biggest marketing asset due to the fact that people are less likely to reveal their legal problems online. It is still crucial nonetheless, as it can be used as a way to provide feedback and information to a law firm’s client base, which may end up getting shared with friends and family members. Meaning for instance, if a client makes a post which mentions and thanks your firm for a successful legal outcome, other individuals who are having legal issues will gravitate towards their friend’s Facebook post.

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Become An Expert In Marketing

Marketing is necessary for every organization because without it you cannot increase the area of your target market. Marketing executives are responsible to help the organization in improving their marketing techniques. If you want to become an expert in the marketing field then you should possess a degree of Executive MBA. The marketing executive is one of the important persons of the organization who offer marketing advice to people by sharing his/her expert opinion with other and teach different marketing techniques to them. If you want to become an expert in headhunting then you have earned similar qualifications for this profession. It is a great job with an excellent scope but the marketing executive has lots of responsibilities on his/her shoulder, therefore, it is necessary to have the right qualification and expertise.

Tips to Become an Expert in Marketing

In order to help you in the marketing profession, I am going to share some tips that will help you to become an expert in the marketing profession:

It is necessary to take a marketing course such as Executive MBA to become a specialist in the marketing profession. You have to learn different marketing techniques for a wide array of business activities to get the attention of customers.

If you are interested to start a consulting business then you have to earn a marketing or business administration degree. These courses will help you to learn different marketing techniques to learn the various areas of business.

You can work as a volunteer in different marketing companies to get the experience of marketing because without proper experience you cannot work well. You have to learn some vital marketing strategies such as product positioning and presentation.

It is necessary for a marketing executive to learn how to increase your target market and what are the needs of customers to cope with them at the right time.

Marketing executive should develop your problem solving and research skills so that you can approach a potential company working in the market to define their marketing problems with a feasible solution. You should have the skills to motivate potential customers to buy the products and services of your company.

It is really hard to make a marketing campaign successful without the use of well-crafted marketing material. Therefore marketing executive should possess abilities to write press releases, brochures, ads, sales letters, marketing plans, and website contents.

Products, packaging, promotion, and pricing are four important areas that require proper guidance of expert personnel that can be a marketing executive with MBA Executive degree.

You have to research different kinds of businesses so that you can work with different clients to gain diversified experience. After getting yourself ready for a marketing professional you can start your own website to demonstrate your marketing techniques and services.

Marketing executive plays a vital role in the growth of an organization therefore as a marketing executive a bright future is waiting for you but you have to earn enough experience to become an expert in the marketing field.